does your loved one have a hearing impairment?

What To Get Your Child When They Are An Aspiring Musician

As the parent of a teenager, you know that buying birthday and other special event gifts can be a serious challenge. The fun toys and cute clothes you once bought your children are no longer considered cool or desirable to your child, and you find yourself at a loss. And when your child is an aspiring musician, you may be even more at a loss. However, there are plenty of gifts that you can get your aspiring musician child that they will love. So, get to know some of these options and get your child a gift that they will love this year. 

Book Time In A Recording Studio

Perhaps the ultimate gift to give any aspiring musician is time in a recording studio like those at Poll Sound. The experience of being in a professional music production space and having the opportunity to record a few songs to create their own EP will give your child an opportunity that few aspiring musicians have while still in high school. 

Recording studios will often book special gift packages for a set number of hours that include the services of a professional sound engineer to work in the booth and provide guidance to your child as they record their instrumentals and vocals as well as ensure that your child's CD turns out as high quality as possible. Some packages also include a certain number of CDs as a part of the price you pay upfront. 

Additionally, if your child is interested in the technical aspect of the recording studio experience, you can book a music production lesson so they can learn to use the software and other equipment that is used in a music studio to enhance sound and make professional mixes. So, be sure you know the options and choose one that is right for your child's music interests.

Give Your Child Professional-Quality Headphones

What many non-musicians do not realize is that there are several different types of headphones that span a wide array of uses and qualities. Professional-quality headphones are at the top of the heap in terms of noise-cancellation, sound amplification, and clarity. 

For an aspiring musician attempting to improve the quality of their music and sound as well as trying to record their own tracks, the better the headphones, the better their music will become. However, these headphones can be quite expensive, and, as such, your child likely cannot afford them on their own. So, surprise them with professional-quality headphones and show that you support their music and their dreams. 

Now that you have a few ideas about the gifts you can get for your child who is an aspiring musician, you can get down to buying your child the perfect gift for their next birthday or special event. 

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does your loved one have a hearing impairment?

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