does your loved one have a hearing impairment?

How A Borescope Can Help Improve Your Health, Keep You Safe, And Even Save Your Life

A borescope for sale is most often used to look at engine components in aircraft and other infrastructure that depends on everything running in as good as condition as possible to prevent catastrophic failures. Even auto shops use borescopes to inspect piston shafts, transmissions, and undercarriages to save on the money it would cost customers to remove everything else for a better view.

Yet, the same instruments that are used to inspect some of the largest machines in the world can also be used to inspect your home for potential health-endangering situations.

Inspecting the Home for Mold

Typically, mold isn't a problem indoors. Unless you live in a sterile environment in one of the world's most advanced technological facilities, mold is going to be around. Sometimes, though, mold can grow large enough to disperse allergens and toxins in the air. This usually happens in areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture and not enough drying.

Enter the borescope.

An articulating borescope with a flexible neck can be inserted through vents, pipes, and entryways in the walls and floor — which is preferable over disconnecting metal ducts and pipes, and ripping out floorboards and drywall. You can use the articulating borescope to rotate the head around and inspect pipes, vents, and housing frames for large sections of mold. If you find any troubling spots, you can contact a professional to determine the best way to deal with the problem.

Other Concerns

Of course, mold isn't the only problem that could affect your health and your home. Here's are a few other things you can use the borescope to check for.

  • Mice, Wasps, and Other Unwanted Visitors — Mice are notorious for being able to squeeze through tiny holes. In the western half of the U.S., mice droppings can also spread the hantavirus to people, which typically results in flu-like symptoms and leads to death in 38 percent of cases. You can use the borescope to check for mice nests, wasp nests, and bat dens.
  • Structural and Wiring Damage — Termites love chewing through the wood of a home, and finding their nests early is crucial to saving your home and wallet. Likewise, other animals and pests can cause structural damage. Frayed wires can lead to electrical shorts which can cause sparks and house fires. If you have rooms with flickering lights, you can always do a quick-self check before you call an electrician or an exterminator — or both. 

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does your loved one have a hearing impairment?

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